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If you are interested in procuring an email address or sub-domain at hazlett.us, please contact Joey Hazlett via email or fill out the form below to initiate the process.

Hazlett.us E-mail Address
  • Option A: Forwarding address
    • You will need an email account with an ISP or email provider (i.e. gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.) to forward your mail to. This is helpful if you want the email address, but don't want to check a separate inbox for messages.
    • Price is $2 per calendar year
  • Option B: Hosted email address
    • Your mail will be available from anywhere in the world via a webmail client or accessible with any IMAP compatible email application.
    • Price is $12 per calendar year -or- $120 for life
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Hazlett.us Subdomain
  • This is a sub-domain in front of the hazlett.us domain, e.g. joey.hazlett.us
  • Price is $6 per calendar year for DNS pointer.
  • Sub-sub-domains available for an addtional cost of $6 per 10 entries, e.g. home.joey.hazlett.us
  • Personal use only, unless a good case is made to allow commercial use

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The fine print:
When procurring an email address or domain, all rights to the domain are reserved by Joey Hazlett. You agree that you will be leasing this email address or domain name. You may cancel at any time without expectation of a refund. A calendar year is defined as starting January 1 at 00:00 and ending December 31 at 23:59. Requesting a domain or email address anytime within a calendar year will be valid until the end of that calendar year, the price is not prorated. Renewal fees are due no later than 14 calendar days after the end of the expiration date of December 31st. Any email addresses or domains that have not been renewed will be deleted January 15th of each year. A notification will be delivered at renewal time.

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